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TSG is proud its RSQ® Collaborative members that play such an instrumental role within the healthcare industry. Below you will find a list of recent presentations that our thought leaders have given at various conferences and industry forums.    

Upcoming Presentations

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Past Presentations

PresentationHappy Patients, Happy Doctors: Improving Patient Satisfaction Decreases Your Liability
Date October 9, 2016
Location dsf
TopicEmergency Medicine

Patient Satisfaction has emerged as an important element of our daily practice. It is critical that we implement best practices in patient satisfaction in order to prevent lawsuits, improve the satisfaction of both the patient and the provider, and obtain the highest HCAHPS scores for CMS payments.  This activity provides a framework for practitioners to deliver consistent, compassionate care to patients by introducing a 10-step list.  This systematic approach organizes the patient encounter into three stages of care.  The speaker will use video examples of high-risk malpractice scenarios lacking good patient satisfaction skills followed by corrected versions used to demonstrate best practices.


Presenter: Doug Finefrock, DO

Time Total 50 mins
Presentation"Oh My Aching Head": High-Risk Neuro
Date October 22, 2015
Location New york
TopicPatient Satisfaction

We are seeing an increased number of neurological medical-legal cases involving patients with TIAs, strokes, dissections, and epidural abscess. Is this driven by flashy media coverage? Guideline related? Communication related? Or documentation related? The speakers will analyze malpractice cases of patients with the above conditions, summarizing appropriate patient evalautions, treatment plans, communication, and documentation strategies in order to improve patient outcomes and decrease your risk for a lawsuit when dealing with these high-risk conditions.


Presenter:  Dan Sullivan, MD, JD, FACEP & Jordan Bonomo, MD

Time Total 50 mins
PresentationRapid Fire: Is There a Doctor in the House?
Date October 14, 2015
Location New york

As emergency physicians, our training makes us particularly well-suited to respond to emergencies in public – on a plane, on the roadside and in more formal volunteer opportunities. What legal coverage do we have in these circumstances? Are you under a legal or ethical obligation to respond to a medical crisis outside of the ED? Myths about the Good Samaritan laws will be addressed, and legal variability by state will be discussed. The emphasis will be on circumstances in which a physician is called upon to assist unexpectedly.


Presenter: Dan Sullivan, MD, JD, FACEP

Time Total 25 mins