As a result of dramatic changes in the healthcare industry, hospital organizations have been employing a record number of physicians and assuming an unprecedented amount clinical risk exposure.  In response, The Sullivan Group developed the Comprehensive Online Risk Education Program (CORE Program) to provide risk managers with a scalable solution for ensuring all clinicians receive education and training on important risk and safety issues.  In addition, the CORE Program explores other important timely topics that support the healthcare organization’s migration towards seamless clinical integration and care coordination.

Clients that participate in the CORE Program gain access to the extensive CORE Program Library.   By working with a TSG education expert, organizations will assign their clinicians the appropriate curriculum to meet their needs.  Organizations can select topics from several different categories, including:  Enterprise RSQ® Education, Clinical Topic RSQ® Education, and Specialty-Specific RSQ® Education.

CORE Program Library


Enterprise RSQ® Education

Specialty-Specific RSQ® Education

Clinical Topic RSQ® Education

 -Behavioral Emergencies  -Anesthesiology  -Child Abuse
 -Clinical Integration  -Emergency Medicine  -Infections
 -Communication  -Family Medicine  -Stroke
 -Communication & Resolution  -Geriatrics  -Trauma
 -Ethics  -Hospital Medicine  -Triage
 -Hospital Administration  -Internal Medicine  -Ultrasound
 -Leadership  -Obstetrics & Gynecology  -Urgent Care
 -Medical-Legal  -Pediatric Medicine  -Women's Health
 -Patient Safety  -Pediatric Emergency Medicine
 -Patient Satisfaction  -Psychiatry
 -Resource Utilization  -Surgery
 -Teamwork  -Toxicology



What our clients are saying

“This course provided very effective adult learning via clear/understandable objectives, multiple choice exams and visual aids (outstanding/real clinical re-enactments)!”

Roland Francia,Hackensack UMC

As I complete each module, I am struck by both the scope and information that these modules encompass. My practice and triage considerations have been significantly impacted by this educational offering

Carol Howson,Spohn Hospital Beeville